Heavy metal poisoning/Lead Poisoning in a Galah named Gill 030511

http://www.cockatoohealth.com with Avian Vet Specialist Dr Ross Perry show you a video of a pet Galah named “Gill” getting some direct sunshine and access to clean sandy soil to help displace fragments of lead from his gizzard, while being hospitalised for holistic management and treatment of acute heavy metal poisoning/lead poisoning.

See the previous video clip of Gill: Heavy Metal Poisoning in a Galah with clenched feet 010511

Gill gradually got better after several relapses due to the quantity of lead he had in his gizzard.

Remember there’s much more to learn by exploring www.cockatoohealth.com and Dr Ross Perry’s other bird health websites.

You can contact Dr Ross Perry via the Contact Us page

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Heavy Metal Poisoning in a Galah with clenched feet 010511

http://www.cockatoohealth.com with Avian Vet Specialist Dr Ross Perry brings you a video clip showing a galah with clenched feet and other typical signs of heavy metal poisoning. The galah had been chewing on a lead label on an old milk can. He required intensive treatment with multiple injections of Calsenate as well as oral supportive health and wellness care and took several weeks to make a full recovery after having a near death experience.

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Cockatoo with Tick-like lump on Eyelid Preen gland issues and more #1 050910

 http://www.CockatooHealth.com with Australia's Avian Vet Specialist Dr Ross Perry brings you #1 of a video recording of a consultation regarding a suspected tick on a cockatoo's eyelid. Dr Ross Perry removes the lump and using a microscope identifies it as a small scab. He continues to examine the Cockatoo and identifies more health issues.


YouTube Preview Image


In #2 Dr Ross Perry shows how to groom tail feathers that she can't reach. He also explains her trembling behaviour as an aspect of Crouched Winking Tremble CWT typical of female cockatoo Randy Bird Syndrome. He demonstrates aspects of Tellington Touch and other stroking that cockatoos appreciate if you have their trust. He explains aspects of helping her with physiotherapy and dietary glyconutrients. 


YouTube Preview Image



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