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Enjoy exploring Sitemap is a website by leading holistic avian veterinarian and bird vet specialist Dr Ross Perry featuring many video clips and much information about most aspects of caring for Cockatoo, Cockatoo health, Cockatoo management, bird cages and aviaries, Cockatoo breeding, Cockatoo behavior, Cockatoo nutrition and Cockatoo diets. is also about diseases of Cockatoo, be they Cockatoo poisoning with heavy metals, behavioral issues with feather plucking and self-mutilation, fighting, screaming, nutritional diseases such as obesity, malnutrition or pododermatitis, infectious diseases such as Chlamydiosis, coliform infections, thrush, canker, and Psittacine Beak Feather Disease (PBFD), Cancers, Wounds and injuries and broken bones, breeding diseases such as oviduct disease and egg  binding and lots more. is also about how to calm Cockatoo, tame Cockatoo, restrain Cockatoo, train Cockatoo, recognise sick bird look, treat Cockatoo, and get help for Cockatoo.

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